Candidate application - European Solidarity Corps program - YFU Denmark - medlem

Candidate application - European Solidarity Corps program - YFU Denmark

Call for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteers

YFU Denmark is now offering an exciting opportunity to come to Denmark as a volunteer for a period of 5-12 months. As an ESC volunteer you will join our team of committed staff and volunteers in our work to foster intercultural understanding through youth exchanges, trainings and active citizenship.


YFU Denmark is currently implementing the project “Coloured Glasses – Intercultural Learning and More”. As a part of this project, two international ESC volunteers will have the chance to come to Denmark and work together in order to contribute to or develop creative activities that aim to foster intercultural learning and active citizenship. The activities can for instance be 1. organization of intercultural learning workshops in schools, 2. support to trainings for exchange students before, during og after their exchanges, 3. participating or creating exciting local activities aimed at intercultural understanding or 4. development of tools and methods for storytelling within intercultural understanding and exchanges.

During the project, the ESC volunteers will be part of the team in the YFU Denmark office, and the volunteers will receive trainings, guidance and support from the office staff.

Accommodation, Food and Transport Arrangements

As and ESC volunteer, you will receive accommodation, food, travel to Denmark, insurance, local transport and pocket money financed through the project. The accommodation will either be in a rented room (possibly with a shared bathroom and kitchen) or in a host family. There will be a monthly stipend for food and there will be and additional stipend for pocket money according to the ESC rules. The project will also finance local transport form the accommodation to the place of work – as well as to the activities that can take place around the country.

The daily work will take place in the office of YFU Denmark in Nivå, north of Copenhagen.

Training During the Activity

Being an ESC volunteers is an opportunity to learn and develop as a person. Before and during the volunteership, we engage in an ongoing dialogue with the volunteers in order to jointly define and follow up on the learning objectives of the individual volunteers as well as to match the learning objectives to the activities. Before the project, the volunteer will receive a pre-departure orientation and upon arrival the first two weeks will be an introductory/learning phase. During the project, a portion of the working time will be allocated for individual development and learning.

Beyond the learning in the project, the ESC volunteers are expected to participate in On-Arrival Orientation and Mid-Year Orientation with other ESC volunteers as they are offered by the National Agency of the ESC.

Participants Profile

We are looking for volunteers who are open, optimistic, responsible, reliable and passionate about cultural diversity, intercultural understanding and youth exchanges. It is an additional advantage if volunteers have personal experiences with meeting intercultural challenges or living in diverse areas. Volunteers have to be able to communicate well in English (or a Scandinavian language).

Practical matters

We are right now looking for two ESC-volunteers:

One volunteer who can arrive to Denmark approximately September 1st 2024 and stay for approximately 5 months
One volunteer who can arrive to Denmark in the beginning of 2025 and stay for approximately 9,5 months

For questions regarding the project and the volunteerships please contact (Applications cannot be send by mail. They have to be submitted through the form below).

What does it mean to volunteer through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC)?

If you want to learn more about what the European Solidarity Corps is, how it funds projects such as ours or what it means for you as a volunteer, here is a good place to start: Volunteering Activities | European Youth Portal (

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Personal Information


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